Veier og tunneler

Belysningen på veier og i tunneler har innvirkning på sikkerheten. Godt lys betyr god synlighet og færre ulykker. Derfor stoler kunder verden over  på Aura Light som gir dem gode belysningsløsninger for deres behov.



You also want the traffic to flow smoothly at all times of the day and night. Replacements are expensive and can mean increased risk of accidents due to traffic congestion. The guaranteed long lifetime which Aura Light offers means that the maintenance crew is not exposed to hazardous conditions as often.

There is also a lot of savings to be made on the electricity usage. You can reduce the energy consumption by up to 50%. This saves money and reduces your carbon footprint. Aura Light takes the sustainability aspect seriously. Our sustainable lighting solutions are energy efficient and long lasting. Aura Long Life light sources are also climate neutral.

Contact our lighting experts for more information about sustainable lighting solutions suitable for your needs.


See below for a selection of suitable solutions: