Aura Signette Long Life

Fluorescent lamps for attractive signs



Product information

Aura Signette Long Life is tri-phosphor lamps with very good color rendering designed to give internally illuminated signs a uniform distribution of light, especially for environments where the temperature is low. Inside the outer tube there is specially designed diffuser layers integrated to give optimized light uniformity both for single- and double-sided signs.

With electronic ballast the service life for Aura Signette Long Life is 70,000 hours and 48,000 hours with magnetic ballast and starter.

This group of lamps are designed for applications such as outdoor sign boards, single- and double sided and outdoor display.

Mercury content: 3.5 mg


Application areas

  • Outdoor sign boards, single- and doublesided
  • Outdoor displays



  • Extremely high light output at low temperatures.
  • Very good color rendering.
  • Reduces maintenance with two thirds.
  • Excellent starting characteristics at low temperatures.

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