Aura Reflector Long Life

Light for direct and indirect applications




Product information

Aura Reflector Long Life is tri-phosphor lamps with very good color rendering. The lamp is developed for use in applications where a sufficient level of light has to be available relying only on the lamp itself. Either through direct light, but in some applications also with indirect reflection. The design with an integrated horizontal reflecting layer inside an outer glass tube can offer up to 60% more light in certain directions, for instance when there is no reflector in the luminaire.

This lamp is designed for applications such as sign lighting, cold stores, outdoor lighting, car parks and industrial facilities (e.g. car industry, color industry, sawmills, foundries).

Mercury content: 3.5 mg


Application areas

  • Sign lighting
  • Cold stores
  • Outdoor lighting
  • Car parks
  • Industrial facilities (e.g. car industry, colour industry, sawmills, foundries)


  • Excellent starting characteristics in low temperatures.
  • Long life reduces maintenance with two thirds.
  • Very good color rendering.


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