Aura Eco Lighting Solution
to replace mercury lamps

A sustainable mercury replacement solution


Product information

Replace high pressure mercury vapour lamps (HME) with this efficient Aura Eco Lighting solution in order to reduce power consumption, save energy and lower the maintenance costs.

The solution consists of an outdoor connector and a Aura Unique-T/E Long Life lamp; 26W, 32W or 42W. The connector includes an electronic multiwatt ballast combined with a plug-in holder for the compact fluorescent lamp and a E27 screw base for easy installation in existing luminaires.

The upgrade is easy. Simply remove the mercury lamp and screw in the pre-assembled connector with the Aura Unique-T/E Long Life lamp. For proper operation it is important to leave the existing ballast for the mercury lamp inside the circuitry. It is part of the system design of the connector for EMV compliance. Any built-in compensation capacitors must be disconnected.


Application areas

  • City lighting
  • Road lighting



  • Up to 67% energy saving and up to 80% lower maintenance costs.
  • Seven year system guarantee.
  • Short payback.
  • Harmonic illumination.



Product sheet Aura Eco Lighting Solution to replace mercury lamps
Product sheet Aura Unique-S/-D/-T Long Life
Guarantee Aura Unique-S/-D/-T Long Life