Stockholmsmässan noticed the major savings that could be done


Stockholmsmässan (Stockholm Exhibition & Convention Center) chose Long Life because of the lifetime. In area as large as Stockholmsmässan, major cost savings can be made.


Stockholmsmässan (Stockholm Exhibition & Convention Center), sometimes referred to as Älvsjömässan, is a company that organises exhibitions and conferences in their own premises just south of Stockholm. The facility is divided into three interconnected halls (A, B, C) totalling 292,000 m². Stockholmsmässan also has 4,000 parking spaces in indoor and an outdoor sections. Around 60 exhibitions are organised annually, both public and trade shows, along with around 100 international and national congresses with some 1.5 million visitors each year.

Reduces costs and environmental impact

Jan Sandberg from Stockholmsmässan explains:

«We chose Long Life because the fluorescent lamps last a lot longer than standard fluorescent lamps. In an area as large as Stockholmsmässan, major cost savings can be made. At the same time we reduce the impact on the environment, which we regard as yet another reason for choosing Aura Long Life!»

Quality and service makes the choice easy

Aura Light has long been a supplier of light sources to Stockholmsmässan.

«In our opinion, no other suppliers on the market can match the quality provided by Aura Light. That’s why the choice was easy for us. Furthermore, we have been using Aura Light as a supplier for a long time and things have always run smoothly,» says Jan Sandberg.