Lyon Public Transport in France installed Aura Reflector Long Life


Keolis Lyon, an agent in the TCL network representing SYTRAL, the public transport authority, has decided to install 1,400 Aura Reflector Long Life lamps as part of the renovation of a bus depot.




Account of Lyon Public Transport Authority (TCL) operation

TCL has a genuine interest in the environment (e.g. its development of electric transport). The acquisition of new Long Life fluorescent lamps enabling CO2 emissions to be reduced is compatible with this development.

David Saint Sulpice, Electrics Department Manager

«Periodically, we call upon an external company to replace all the lamps in our bus depots. This very expensive operation will now be minimized by using Aura lamps, whose service life is three times longer than standard lamps. What’s more, thanks to their thermal insulation and their internal reflecting layer, Aura Reflector Long Life emits 60% more light in areas where bus maintenance takes place. More light and less maintenance are the reasons which led us to use Aura Long Life lamps.”