Fueltech Sweden prefer Aura Long Life


Fueltech Sweden uses Aura Long Life fluorescent lamps both for cost reasons and for environmental reasons. «This is a natural way of saving resources».



Fueltech Sweden is a subsidiary of Salzburger Aluminium AG. The company is a global leader in metal packaging, as well as other metal and packaging materials. Fueltech develops and manufactures tank systems for the motor vehicle industry.

Aura Long Life is a natural way of saving resources

«Aura Long Life lives longer and they also provide a good light. I know that it will be cheaper in the long run, even though I have not calculated exactly how much we will save. Fueltech is an ISO certified company and the environmental factor is of great importance. We are constantly looking to work in a more environmentally friendly way, and this is a natural way of saving resources». So says Lennart Johansson at Fueltech.

Speedy deliveries

It is a great advantage for Fueltech that Aura Light is so close geographically. «Getting in touch with the company is easy, and we enjoy prompt deliveries,» says Lennart Johansson.