DHL Express in Västberga has used Aura Long Life since 1995


DHL Express is the world leader in international air and road express services for companies and individuals and is available in over 220 countries worldwide. DHL Express in Västberga has used Aura Long Life fluorescent lamps since 1995. Here they have over 4,000 Long Life fluorescent lamps in operation, of which about 2,000 are the Thermo version.




Fluorescent lamps kept their promise

Jan Törnqvist, Electricity Manager at DHL Express in Västberga, explains.

«I was sceptical at first that the fluorescent lamps would really shine as long, and that we would have problems with contamination. We tested the lamps carefully and found that they kept their promise and contamination turned out not to be a problem.»

Cost savings with Aura Long Life

The reason why they chose to start with Long Life fluorescent lamps was an estimate of potential savings, since it could prevent three out of four lamp replacements.

«There are goods on the move here 24 hours a day, and the only time we can replace fluorescent lamps is just a few hours each day when it is quieter in the terminal. Additionally, two people and a truck are required for each change. We therefore appreciate a replacement cost of SEK 80 per lamp,» says Jan

If one calculates the savings for the 4,000 lamps in Västberga according to Aura Light’s Long Life calculation, we get a savings of SEK 902,720 during the service life of the Long Life fluorescent lamps!»

Tip for others

When asked if they have any particular tips for others interested in Long Life, Jan answers that you should remember to put the right product in the right place, for example, using Thermo lamps in cold environments. Both Jan and Ann Ahlshammar, who is the Property Manager, are satisfied with the service they receive from Aura Light.

«Aura Light has given us great service since 1995. Even when we have had problems with the products, we have received fast and knowledgeable help from Aura Light.»