Coop Sweden have been using Aura Light for twenty years


Coop Sweden operates the chain stores Coop Forum, Coop Bygg, Coop Extra, Coop Konsum and Coop Nära. Coop Sweden accounts for around 60 percent of the consumer cooperative daily convenience goods trade in Sweden. Coop’s stores in Bro have now decided to replace all of their stock of fluorescent lamps with Aura Long Life. This involves a total of 14,000 light sources.




Large savings

”We have been using Aura Long Life for twenty years. It used to be that replacing lamps was only difficult in a few places. But in recent years we have started to estimate how much we would save if we replaced the lamps in all areas, and the results indicated great potential. It’s the labour cost that is the largest cost of course. For this reason, I have actively raised this issue with higher management and got a positive response as everyone can see how large the savings will be” says Jan Thelén.

Recieves the promised quality

Jan has good experience in working with Aura Light.

”As mentioned, we have been working with Aura Light for a long time. Obviously I have checked the competition, but I do not know what I will be getting if I buy another brand. When I buy Aura Light, I know what I’m getting and I also know that it will meet expectations. Quite simply, I get the quality that has been promised”.