Clas Ohlson uses Aura Ultimate Long Life


Clas Ohlson in Sweden have chosen to use Aura Ultimate Long Life in all of their fittings because of the long lifetime. This means they will save money on maintenance cost and avoid blinking lamps.


Source – Clas Ohlson


Clas Ohlson is a thriving company that is developing at a rapid pace. Today there are 37 shops, of which 22 are in Sweden, 13 in Norway and two in Finland. And if everything goes as planned, there will be sixteen new Clas Ohlson shops every year. The shop in Insjön is a full-range shop. It is here the head office and central stores are located. The high bay storage area is 150 x 55 metres in size and 30 metres high ceiling. It holds 55,000 pallets filled with goods. There is room for 156,000 crates inside the old warehouse.

Long lifetime

”The reason for choosing to install Aura Ultimate Long Life in all of our fittings is the lifetime of the lamps. We previously used standard fluorescent lamps which lasted no longer than three years. I have calculated that our new lamps will last at least eight years”, says Roland Isebrink.

It pays in the long run

”The constant replacements of the standard fluorescent lamps that start blinking was very costly for us. Several caretakers were needed to do this. In a situation like this, it’s much more economical to replace all the lamps at once, and to do this again in eight-ten years. Aura Long Life are a little more expensive, but they soon pay for themselves”.