Aura Thermo Long Life makes the Munksjö Bridge look impressive


Aura Thermo Long Life lights up the Munksjö Bridge in the cold temperature of Sweden. «The color reproduction is excellent and the illuminated Munksjö Bridge looks really impressive and has become a favorite among photographers”.



The Skanska bridge over Lake Munksjön was completed on behalf of Jönköping municipality, in Sweden, in 2006 and the town got its much anticipated central link from east to west. The bridge is 260 metres long and has two lanes for vehicle traffic and a pedestrian and cycle path on each side. The railings are a combination of hand rails and light fittings that encompass a thousand fluorescent lamps from Aura Light.

Fluorescent lamps for cold environments

Conny Salestam at Jönköping municipality explains. ”We have positive experiences from previously using Aura Supreme Thermo Long Life in street lighting, and knew that it was a lamp with a long lifetime that provides good light intensity even when it is cold.” Aura Supreme Thermo Long Life is specially designed for use outdoors or in cold environments. Its ideal working temperature is significantly lower than that of the standard T5 fluorescent lamps. Moreover, tests have shown that Aura Supreme Thermo Long Life give 65% more light than the normal T5 fluorescent lamps when the temperature reaches freezing point.

Aura Long Life saves time and money

Conny Salestam says that another reason why they chose Auras fluorescent lamps is because they have a long life time. ”We estimate that we will not need to replace the lamps on the bridge for another ten years. By avoiding replacing the lamps at irregular intervals we hope to save a lot of time and money that can be spent on other important maintenance work”.

The fluorescent lamps are installed inside the railings and the covers are screwed on, making replacement quite difficult. «We now avoid unnecessary work, but can still have fine light fittings that provide light both out towards the water and the carriageway. The color reproduction is excellent and the illuminated Munksjö Bridge looks really impressive and has become a favorite among photographers”, says Conny Salestam.