Aura Eco Saver Long Life saves money for Atria Retail AB


Atria Retail AB in Sköllersta outside Örebro, Sweden chose to use Aura Eco Saver Long Life. By using Aura Eco Saver Long Life Atria Retail can reduce their energy consumption by 12% without having to invest in new fixtures!




In Sköllersta outside Örebro lies Atria Retail AB, which manufactures hot dogs, hamburgers and other meat products. With more than 400 employees, the production unit in Sköllersta is the group’s largest unit in Sweden.

Since autumn 2008, a project has been ongoing to gradually replace all light sources to Aura Long Life. Goran Eriksson, Electrical Manager at Atria, expects that all standard light sources will be replaced by Long Life within two years.

An investment that provides cost savings

Of the total 5,500 light sources in the building, approximately 70 % are thought to be Aura ECO SAVER Long Life and the remaining Aura ULTIMATE Long Life. By using ECO SAVER, Atria reduce their energy consumption by 12 %, without having to invest in new fixtures. This provides a saving of at least SEK 1,137,000! They also reduce CO2 emissions by 75,429 kg and waste by 2,102 kg!

Save time and money and time

«We decided to use Long Life because the long service life means that we can save both time and money. The reason why we chose Aura’s Long Life is thanks to Aura’s reputation in the market,» says Göran, and continues to explain that the next steps in the process are to roll out the system to the Group’s production facilities, in Malmo.