Aura Eco Saver Long Life in Abu Dhabi


The Abu Dhabi Security Exchange chooses to use Aura Eco Saver Long Life in their new headquarters. It’s a four storey glass enclosed building with a 30 foot high ceiling. 



The distinctive new headquarters of the Abu Dhabi Security Exchange (ADX) is an iconic four storey, glass enclosed building with dramatic twin entrance lobbies and a 967sqm trading floor.

Rising on massive stone piers 30 m above a 90 m wide water feature, the ADX is an architecturally eye catching structure held aloft on four legs so that it appears to be floating on a water pool that follows the curves of the sea. Two bridges at Retail and Podium levels provide access to the twin North and South main entrance lobbies.

Aura Light products save energy and solve logistical problem

Aura lamps are fitted above main trading floor, which is the heart of the exchange. Due to the 30 foot high ceiling and limited access Auras product was the optimal choice from designer, since two of three replacements never need to be done.

The choice fell on Aura Eco Saver Long Life because of its high reliability and for its energy saving and Long Life characteristics.

By using Aura Eco Saver Long Life it will be able to save energy, reduce maintenance and carbon footprint. About Service and Technical Support “We just install it and so far the performance is good”.

The access to the luminaries in the Security Exchange is complex and time consuming however the Long Life characteristics of Aura lamps offers a fantastic solution to this logistical problem which in turn saves time and resources.