Aura Eco Lighting Solution for cooling cabinets at Ica Supermarket in Högdalen


Ica Supermarket in Högdalen in Sweden works to to reduce energy consumption and environmental impact. That’s why they have used Aura Eco Lighting Solution for cooling cabinets since 2007. The result is energy saving of 55%.



ICA’s various shops ICA Nära, ICA Supermarket, ICA Kvantum and Maxi ICA Stormarknad are working actively on reducing energy consumption and environmental impact, and to bring this about, they have obtained help from Aura Light.

In April 2007, the ICA group adopted a new climate strategy with the goal of reducing known emissions of greenhouse gases from its activities by 30 % by 2020, compared with emissions in 2006.

A store on the cutting edge

At ICA Supermarket in Högdalen, work is ongoing to reduce energy consumption in the 1500 m2 premises, among other things by investing in new fridge counters. An Aura Eco Lighting Solution for cooling cabinets has been installed in the existing counters. The result is an energy saving of 55 % and 60 % more light. In addition, Long Life light sources have been installed. They provide a guarantee of being maintenance-free for nine years and are shatter-proof, which makes the business totally safe if the light source is crushed.

«Saving energy while also getting more light and lower maintenance costs is perfect for us,» states Jill Sjöstedt, Store Manager at ICA Supermarket in Högdalen.

A Swedish solution specifically for the retail trade

Aura Eco Lighting Solution for cooling cabinets is tried and tested and was produced in Sweden specifically for the retail trade in cooperation with southern European chain Carrefour.

«The fact that Aura Light produces solutions in Sweden is something I regard as a benefit. It reduces transport and it also feels good to know that it is Swedish quality I am using. That means that you can dare to trust the product,» concludes Jill.