Case studies


  • Ica Distribution uses Aura Protector Long Life

    Ica Distribution in Helsingborg, Sweden uses Aura Protector Long Life. "It's a clear advantage for the user to have fluorescent lamps with an extra long service life as this leverages major saving on maintenance costs".

  • The Slaughterhouse Nijmegen in Holland uses Aura Thermo Long Life

    The Slaughterhouse Nijmegen in Holland uses Aura Thermo Long Life which is perfect for cold environments. This is the reason to why they chose Aura Thermo Long Life, and they are very satisfied with them.

  • Aura Light was an obvious choice for ProLogis Park in Jönköping

    ProLogis Park in Jönköping, Sweden covers a total area of 85,000 m² and using Aura Light Long Life was an obvious choice for them. They have installed 3,500 Exaktor fittings with two T5 80W Aura Premium Long Lifes in each. 7,000 fluorescent lamps in total.

  • Aura Long Life is perfect for the Post terminal in Tomteboda

    The Post Office in Tomteboda is one of Sweden's largest private buildings and they use Aura Long Life to save both time and money. "Put simply, Long Life lamps are quite frankly perfect for our premises."

  • Ica Fastighets AB uses Aura Thermo Protector Long Life

    Ica Fastighets AB in Sweden chose to use Aura Thermo Protector Long Life because they provide a good light flow even at temperatures belowe minus 15 degrees.

  • DHL Klippan uses Aura Light to replace the luminaires less often

    DHL, Klippan in Sweden uses Aura Light. "We have high ceilings here and we save a lot of money by not replacing our light sources as often as when using standard lamps."

  • Aura Light saves time and money for DHL

    The DHL's premises contain a range of Aura Light products - from fluorescent lamps and light bulbs to halogen lamps and glow starters. By using Aura Light DHL can make great savings which they are happy with.

  • DHL Express in Västberga has used Aura Long Life since 1995

    DHL Express is the world leader in international air and road express services for companies and individuals and is available in over 220 countries worldwide. DHL Express in Västberga has used Aura Long Life fluorescent lamps since 1995. Here they have over 4,000 Long Life fluorescent lamps in operation, of which about 2,000 are the Thermo version.

  • Aura Thermo Long Life lights up DB Schenker in Jönköping

    DB Schenker develops and provides transportation, logistics and information services that meet market demands for quality, efficiency, simplicity and environmental responsibility. DB Schenker in Jönköping has chose to change their lighting fixtures to Aura Thermo Long Life which means the luminous flux is strong even at low temperatures, as may be the case out in the terminals.

  • Coop Sweden have been using Aura Light for twenty years

    Coop Sweden operates the chain stores Coop Forum, Coop Bygg, Coop Extra, Coop Konsum and Coop Nära. Coop Sweden accounts for around 60 percent of the consumer cooperative daily convenience goods trade in Sweden. Coop’s stores in Bro have now decided to replace all of their stock of fluorescent lamps with Aura Long Life. This involves a total of 14,000 light sources.