Case studies


  • Coca-Cola in Sweden uses Aura Long Life

    Coca-Cola uses Aura Long Life for their production plant in Haninge, Sweden. "We save a lot of money as we will need to replace the lamps significantly less often".

  • Sustainable Long Life solutions from Aura Light at Wexiödisk

    Wexiödisk in Sweden is replacing the majority of their luminaires to Aura Light’s sustainable Long Life solutions and is lowering the wattage from 58W to 45W. "It’s great if we can save energy while being sustainable".

  • Fueltech Sweden prefer Aura Long Life

    Fueltech Sweden uses Aura Long Life fluorescent lamps both for cost reasons and for environmental reasons. "This is a natural way of saving resources".

  • Findus uses Aura Protector Long Life

    Aura Protector Long Life is installed in the production plant of Findus in Sweden. "This fluorescent lamp is fitted with a smart, external safety stocking of thin plastic that captures glass splinters and luminescent material if an accident was to occur".

  • Aura Long Life in the production hall of Ecophon

    Ecophon in Helsingborg, Sweden, uses Aura Long Life in the production plant. "I have been buying Aura Long Life products since they were first launched, and I don’t recall having to replace any of them".

  • Coor Service Management uses Aura Long Life

    Coor Service Management is the leading player in service management in the Nordic Region and they use Aura Long Life. "As Long Life fluorescent lamps from Aura Light last so long, one single person can deal with all service and maintenance".

  • Aura T5 Eco Saver in the Coca-Cola factory in France

    The Coca-Cola factory in France uses Aura Long Life. "We were presented Aura T5 Eco Saver Long Life which gives us a saving of 10% on our energy consumption, while giving us the same luminous flux. To us, this is the best lighting solution!”

  • Cadbury goes green with Aura Eco Saver Long Life

    The Purple Goes Green initiative is Cadbury wide, and at the moment Aura Long Life lamps are being used in the manufacturing areas in the Bournville plant, where they are changing old T8 fittings for the more energy efficient Aura T5 Eco Saver Long Life.

  • Whirlpool reduces energy consumption with Aura Eco Saver Long Life

    The Whirlpool plant in Cassinetta, Italy, has installed Aura Eco Luminaires Long Life fitted with Aura Eco Saver Long Life fluorescent lamps. "Thanks to a customized study and the Swedish know-how of Aura Light, the refrigerator factory in Cassinetta (VA) is reducing its energy consumption by 37% per year and saving 103 tonnes of CO2 emissions".

  • Tetra Pak sees Aura Long Life as the economic choice

    The Tetra Pak production plant in Råbyholm, Sweden, uses Aura Long Life. "I am very happy with Aura Long Life, and now when anyone tells me they are about to replace their fluorescent lamps you can guess what I recommend”.